About Tsubara


In the first place, I met a small townhouse in Higashiyama who had forgotten the passage of time. Although it was devastated, it was a townhouse in the early Showa era dedicated to a residence called Shimoya, and the street garden (Doma) is from the entrance to the backyard, and there was also an oven (Kamado). We decided to regenerate this townhouse as an inn as close to the beginning of construction as possible. I hope that you can enjoy open-air baths and Suikinkutsu as a little pleasure while experiencing the lives of ordinary people in Kyoto in the past.

oven (Kamado)

What is Tsubara?

A wonderful word from the Manyoshu that was taught in a classic literature. It means the well-informed, fully-satisfied,hearty, and well. With the hope to highlight your journey.

How to spend time in Tsubara

Tsubara is an inn where you can use the entire building only by you. We do not offer meals, but there are many restaurants near the center of Kyoto and Gion / Miyakawa-cho (It is also possible to ask for catered dishes). The kitchenette is equipped with a microwave, and there is a food supermarket and a convenience store nearby. There are many long-established Shimizu-yaki shops around the Tsubara, and the old-fashioned atmosphere remains, and it is so quiet that you cannot imagine that it is close to Gojo-Dori, the main street. You can visit Kiyomizu-dera Temple early in the morning, do a Sutra copy at Kennin-ji Temple, take a walk through Ponto-cho from Kamo-gawa, or even play at Gion at night. There is no limit to how you enjoy it. It's also good to spend your time slowly listening to Suikinkutsu at the veranda.

Introduction of rooms


A Kyoto inn where you can enjoy an open-air bath while listening to Suikinkutsu

Machiya "Tsubara" Gojozaka

〒605-0843 Kyoto-Shi Higashiyama-ku Gojo-Dori Yamato-Oji Higashi-Hairu Kadowaki-cho 187-2
TEL. 075-384-1600  FAX.075-862-7997
About a 5-minute walk from Shimizu-Gojo Station of the Keihan Railway
About a 5-minute walk from “Gojozaka" bus stop of City bus 206
By taxi, get out about 100m east of Gojo-Dori Yamato-Oji and a 1-minute walk

Machiya Tsubara Gojozaka